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Handbags and Totes

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All our bags come in a wide array of colors and are made of extremely durable, animal friendly, easy to clean materials. At Namaste, we believe fashion and function can exist together.

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We feel strongly about innovation, and that is why we took a fresh look at an age old problem - What do I do with all my stuff? Namaste's exceptional line of accessories is the perfect way to organize, store, or transport all of your supplies in style. Namaste's accessories come in several color options and are all made from synthetic materials.

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Photo of Cop Madam 100 Bag

çöp (m)adam -- pronounced "chope madam" -- is a play on words in Turkish, translating warmly to "garbage women". Namaste has partnered with çöp (m)adam on their mini-line called "Green Bird" because they feel strongly about the çöp (m)adam cause, their mission, and their attitude.

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